Thursday, March 24, 2011

First online sale, New Etsy Team, School

So, I got my first online sale last night! It honestly felt better than when I got my very first sale. A girl from my new Etsy team ordered one of my Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub Soaps. I am hoping very much that she likes her soap and I can finally get some (good) feedback for my shop. Somehow making a $4 sale felt as good as if I had made a $40 sale.

Onto the new Team. I am a big fan of the site Regretsy, and decided one night I would make a Fan Team on Etsy. Upon mentioning it in the forum, I was warned by Ms Arpril Winchell herself that a previous Regretsy based Team had been shut down almost immediately. I decided to call my team April's Army (kinda stealing the Dumbledor's Army thing from Harry Potter) and to not mention Regretsy in any of the team info. In just a few days I had 45 members and was completely blown away.
Then a few mornings (afternoons) ago, I woke up to an Etsy convo from Ms Winchell telling me someone was already trying to shut my group down. She went on to say that she would be featuring my Team in her next Member's Only past on Regretsy. I was very excited and thought I should recruit a few current members to be Team leaders because I was expecting a few hundred more people to join at her mention.
Well, thanks to three MO posts in a row, in just over 48 hours, my little team has gone from 45 to 820+ members. Out of that 820+ members, I have the 7 best team leaders Etsy has ever seen. Now, we will be working directly with April to set up charity sales EVERY MONTH! And people still have nothing but bad things to say about Regretsy! I will never understand that!

My last topic for the night is School, I signed up to take online classes and 40 more credit hours should easily earn me my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Education. Wow, looks like I will finally have a chance to do what I have always dreamed of doing with my life. Now, it's off to bed with me. Hope to have new things to look forward to tomorrow!

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  1. Today the team's up to 1,306 members, and it's not yet been a month!

    Thank you so much for getting & keeping it going :-)